Sunday, October 18, 2009

Just a little more Halloween!

Meet my friends rabbit and bear all dressed up for the big Halloween day! They are just sitting on my bench in my entry waiting to go out!
I love these little guys and wish they would make more. I have both sets that they made and I look every year to see if they just might come out with more.
You would think that they would make a set of three witches or mummy's!

Happy Halloween and thanks for looking!



  1. They look so cute all dressed up! What cute decorations!


  2. You have such cute Halloween things!

  3. Adorable! Where do you store all this stuff? I'll be lucky to throw out a few pumpkins on the front porch stairs. They will then make the short trip to the paddock where the horses will play with them. :-)

  4. Love your cute decorations!!!!!

  5. Wow! I love the little ghosts too. We don't do so much for Halloween here in England although there are lots more decorations in our shops now than a few years ago. I'll keep a look out for some like these!

  6. Such cute little bears! The kids are going to love them!

  7. Spending a rainy morning reading new blogs. Just wanted to let you know I stopped by. I only like the "cute" part of Halloween and you've accomplished that beautifully!