Sunday, February 2, 2014

Grandmother's Quilt Blocks

 My Grandma made the Bonnet Girl blocks in the 30's my mother divided them between my sister and I in the 60's they stayed in my trunk up until these past few weeks. I decided to get them out and it a quilt put together with them. Coming up with a block to go with them wasn't easy but the round pie using all scraps that I had from other quilts is working out nicely. I did have to remake the pink girl the fabric she was on had a bad stain that I couldn't get out.
 While working on this quilt I found the lower table I was cutting on was making my back hurt. So after telling hubby about it he and I made me a taller table using a shelve I already had we just went and purchased a second one put them back to back and added the top. I padded the top so I could use it to iron on also!
This is the shelve he put up to put my buttons and the cute Scottish Terrier bookends my daughter got me for Christmas last year!