Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cowboy Quilt

I had done this quilt top two years ago for my hubby and then it went into storage for two years while we built our house. When my daughter decided that we would start quilting each week I got out quilts that I had started and this was one of them. So I got it out and had it machine quilted, got the binding on and its done! I love the red, gold, black and blues and the prints are just wonderful.
It was going to go in his office at the last house but there is no wall space in the library/office here so where to hang it is the question! I think I have a idea of where to put it so stay turn!
Thank for looking!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Hat for a speical baby boy!

Let me tell you a story about a girl who wanted a baby for so many years! Her name is Becca and she is a really good friend of mine. For about the past ten years she has been trying to have a baby and then this past year they decided to adopted. This past May she found out though another friend that a friend of a friend wanted to give her baby girl up for adoption. So this friend called Becca and they got a lawyer and by the first part of June the baby was born and Becca and Dan took home a new baby girl. However one week later the women wanted the baby back and yes Becca and Dan had to return her. Becca was heart broken and I just couldn't believe that she was having to go though that!
Will there is a happy ending! A few days later I talked to another friend of ours that her sister-n-law owns a adoption agency. And she said to call Becca and have her call Yvonne because she has several babies that she needs to place. So I ran and called Becca and told her that she needed to call right that minute. Will Becca said"no I can't I'm still having a hard time" and I said "I don't care if your having a hard time if I have to come down there and call her for you I will". OK I know that sounded a little mean but it was the only way I was going to get her to call. So she called right after I hang up from her and within ten days she had a beautiful baby boy! He is now four weeks old and I went to a baby shower for her last night and gave her this sweet little hat that I had knitted. I always have to knit something!

Can you believe it I forgot to take my camera into the baby shower! My friend Patty which is the one with the sister-n-law has had a hard time walking and I had to help her get into the building. So I forgot to take the camera in and I just remembered today, so all you get to see is the hat!

I love happy endings!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Days off staining and varnishing

We have spent the last four days working on the woodwork in the house. We had already stained the fireplace mantel but hadn't gotten around to getting it varnished. So we decided to work on getting it and the railings to the down stairs and up to my studio done so hubby can return to the outside for more yard work! I love how the fireplace has turned out I think hubby did a wonderful job laying the brick and building the mantle. We have been trying hard to use up oak that we had left over from the railings. He managed to build all of it from left overs but the large piece of oak on top.
Here is a picture from my kitchen into the hall of the railing leading to the downstairs. I'm sorry the pictures are so dark but I did take these during the day with all the lights on. The gold paint on the walls seems to make my pictures come out a little dark. But its not that dark in the house!
Another one of the railing to the downstairs, this is taken from the great room into the hall. You can see my laundry room from here. Also the door you see is a small half bath!
This is the stairs leading up the my craft studio from my laundry room. The door you see leads out to the three car garage, my studio is above it. All that needs to be done is one more coat of varnish on these railings!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

A sweater done and one started

Wow! I can hardly believe it. It's done and I have it on the blocking board so all I need to do is wait for it to dry and sew buttons on it. Tomorrow I'm going to my son's house to watch the new baby and the other two kids while they go to a play. So my son will be able to try his new sweater on and hopefully it fits. It has taken me so long to get this one done and I really don't know why, I think its because the pattern was so weird and it just was not that fun to knit.
I had two skeins of the yarn left so I decided to knit up a sweater vest for my little grandson to match his dad's sweater. I sure hope I have enough yarn I've already used one skein. I have the body done and I'm working on the upper back so I'm thinking I will be OK. I guess I will just have to see as I go.
I must go and get ready to leave we are off to get stain to stain our railings around the stairs in the house and up to my craft studio. So it should be a real fun day!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Laundry Room

This is my laundry room and one of my favorite rooms. In our last house the laundry room was so small so we decided the next house it was going to be a good size. I have a very large stainless steal sink and a stainless counter top. I love the drape I made out of fabric that looks like its from the 1930"s.
I just got the shelf and the coat hooks from Ikea a few weeks ago. I painted them red and sanded them putting some stain over the top. I then got the basket and still need something else to go next to it. I saw an old iron but hubby was worried that it could fall off and hit one of the kids in the head. I also need a picture above the coat hooks that I put lower for the kids. I think I might have something down stairs I just need to go look.

Now I'm not liking the color of my bench and I'm thinking I should paint it black leaving the seat like it is. I have some more 1930's fabric in my craft studio so I'm thinking a few pillows would be nice.
Sitting on top of my freezer is my collection of plaid. These were all my mothers and I'm looking for a red or green plaid water jug. So if anyone out there finds one please let me know! I love my green wall next to the freezer and we also painted the wall across from the sink and washer and dryer the same green.
This is my mother's apron that she always had it on when cooking dinner on Sundays. Its one that she made and did cross stitch on. I had framed it in a white frame and hang it over the washer but when I painted my shelf and coat hooks I decided to paint the frame to match. I never did like the white! There isn't anything in my house that is white!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Quilt swap and a day of fun!

I have spent the last few days working on my mini quilt for the quilt swap and I think its turning out pretty cute. It took me awhile to decided just what I wanted to do and this is what I came up with. I love the fabric and the color but yes its red my favorite so I guess that's why I like it so much! I should have it ready to quilt by Wednesday I hope.
Yesterday I went with the kids again to the County Fair. The picture above is my handsome son walking towards me. Oh he is the one in the red shirt, no not that one the one without the hat with the big smile on his face!
There was tractors for the kids to sit on and boy was that the hit of the fair for them. I think they sat on every tractor there. This is my son-n-law with my little grandson!
Looking at the pigs! I thought it was funny that the fence was solid so the kids had a hard time seeing the pigs.
They loved feeding the sheep some hay but the only one that would let the sheep eat out of his hand was the one in the yellow shirt. I is my crazy little grandson that will just about do anything where the other boys are a little more concerned if they are going to get bitten.
Then that night we went to the Demolition Derby! What crazy fun it was, I had never gone before. But I had so much fun watching those cars crash into each other!
Look at this one it went right up over the wall and was smoking like crazy. There was several that started on fire and one guy got hurt but was o.k. The only part that was not good was that we got home so late and now today I'm very tired and my bones ache from getting cold. The weather here is so weird this summer. Its just not as hot as most Augusts, the high yesterday was only in the 70's and dropped down to the 50's last night. I'm sure hopping that it warms up and that summer will last awhile longer!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Duckies are done!

Pattern: Duckies from aquaknits
Yarn: Sknitches Big Tryst
Color: Apples 'n Oranges cashmere blend yarn

I love this pattern it was fun to knit and easy to remember the pattern. The yarn is super soft with the cashmere blend. And I love how the color turned out with the pattern.

You can download the pattern for free or go to Ravelry and download it from there.

Now its off to my studio to check out my box of sock yarn to see what socks I should knit next. I must have a pair going at all times. It might take awhile to knit with all my other projects but socks can be taken anywhere in just a small bag!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Day at the Garden

This week one of my little grandsons is having a birthday so my daughter decided to have us go to the Garden's at Thanksgiving Point on Saturday. The gardens were beautiful we so many different kinds of flowers. My daughter-n-law came with her three little boys so all together I had five of my grandson there, all under six!
It was such a nice day the weather was on the cool side and it said that it was going to rain but never did!
As you can tell the baby enjoyed his day at the gardens!
Then there's this little guy that love his shades!
Grandpa trying to keep up with the birthday boy!
And I don't know where this one came from!
And then there's the one that loves taking pictures. This one is of me taking a picture of him. Will it turned out to be a fun day that I enjoyed with my sweet little boys!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Summer quilt Swap

I finally got my fabric for the summer quilt swap so I'm ready to get started. I love the colors and I sure and I'm looking at doing something with a flower theme.

I've also been working on a cowboy quilt for hubby and its done I'm just getting the binding cut out and ready to put on. So look for pictures to come!!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wilkom or Welcome

I bought this Welcome sign several years ago when we went to Amish Country in PA. It has been in storage for years like six years. But now I have the perfect place for it by my side door into my laundry room.
I love how it looks with the color we painted and my red door!
Not really much to say it was a hard night last night. Paisley has had a really bad back for the last two years. About a year ago she jumped off my daughters couch and couldn't use her back legs for two days. But after finding out that the problem was at the end of her back just above her tail we put her on some medication and she was back to normal pretty fast. But last night as she went outback to use the grass, on the way down the stairs I noticed that she just wasn't herself. She just stood on the grass and looked like she just didn't feel real good and was in pain. So I told her lets go back in and then I noticed that she wouldn't go back up the stairs. So I picked her up found her medication and gave her one and off to bed we went. She had such a hard night not being able to move so I keep having to help her. Then about two am I thought she wasn't going to make it and I'm just not ready to let her go. She is eleven years old and I'm hoping she has a few more years! Hopfully after having another pill today it will start helping the pain!