Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A Jam Day!

Yesterday was my day off and I spent the day bottling jam, red raspberry-blackberry jam. On the way home from work on Monday I stopped at a great little market that I had gone to with my daughter when I was visiting her in Fort Collins Colorado a few weekends ago. Its call the Sunflower Market. So on the way home on Monday I decided to stop at the one that I knew was here and they had raspberries on sale that day for only .99 for a carton. So I decided to get two cases and make jam for the winter. It turned out so good and I just love the way it looks in the bottles, sorry my picture looks a little dark. Then the rest of the day was spent with my daughter creating this new blog!

My new Blog!

I know I said that I was thinking of not blogging anymore but I have decided to change from Wordpress to Blogspot. I just didn't like how Wordpress worked and it was hard to make it cute.

And I really like cute!