Sunday, January 31, 2010

Finding some great chairs!

While on a search for some chairs for my craft studio I came across these two! I love the red one but there is no padding under the fabric which made it a very hard chair! The white one is cute but I'm not to found of the blue and white fabric!
So I took off the fabric on the red one and added several layers of batting. And as for the white chair it got new batting and some new red fabric! I'm not sure if it will stay the red checked but for now it will do!

Friday, January 29, 2010

I Won!!

One of my favorite blogs homestead quilting had a contest and I won! I couldn't believe that it was me that had won. And I got this wonderful package in the mail yesterday! I love the little Moda Bake Shop cupcakes, it has a pattern in the box for a bag. And the jelly roll has such pretty fabric's they should make a beautiful quilt! And then there is the square fabric to make a baby quilt.

Boy lots more quilting to be done!


Monday, January 25, 2010

Dragon Fly quilt almost done!

I can't believe its been a week since my last post, where did the time go! We've been busy putting a refinisher on all of our wood floors so the computer was hard to get too. And I had to spend most of my days off up in my craft room while the floor was drying. But it gave me a chance to get my quilt finished and work on my knitting. As you can see the quilt is done and ready to take to be quilted.

And I did manage to almost complete one of the sweaters!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lots to make!

My days off are slowly coming to an end and I did get a lot done but not the pillows for the bedroom window seat. But I did manage to get out Saturday afternoon and purchase the pillow forms while they were still on sale!
I worked on my quilt and got one roll sewed together and parts of two and three.
And I did finish the body of the green sweater and I'm at the very bottom of the red one. All they will need are arms and hoods. I'm hoping over the next few days I can get them finished, I have so much I would love to knit!


Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pillows For The Kitchen!

I finished yesterday it really didn't take to long but it was fun designing how I wanted to make them. I got the chicken and rooster pillows off of EBay!
I had one curtain left over that I had bought before the house was done and I wasn't sure how many I needed. But they were on clearance and I didn't want to be short. I didn't know what I was going to do with it tell yesterday when I decided to cut it apart and use it for the top of two of my pillows. It already had the buttons on it I just cut off the small checked scallop, you can look at the top picture to see what the curtain looks like!
This one is my favorite and so easy to make! I just covered some buttons to match the side fabric. The total cost of my pillows that I made was $30.00, the fabric was all the left overs from the chair and cushion!
I thought I would show you a few pictures of how the kitchen now looks!
I'm so in love with my farm sink!
And my baking counter!
And the red door to my pantry!
After making all the pillows for the kitchen window seat it made my bedroom window seat look pretty bad! This cushion and all but the flower pillows came with me from my last house. I found my quilt for my bed and the flower pillows after we moved into this house. I remembered putting some of this fabric away when we moved in but I couldn't remember how much was still left. So last night I went on a search for the fabric and found that I have enough for two large pillows. So I think I'm going out today to get two more pillow forms while they are still 50% off.

More to come on the bedroom window seat!


Friday, January 15, 2010

A window seat without pillows!

After getting the cushion done for my window seat in the kitchen Christmas arrived and I didn't have time to get my pillows made.
So yesterday while hubby and I went out for the day to a movie ( Leap Year) very fun movie and lunch we stopped by Joann's fabric store and they had pillow forms on sale for 50% off. We bought five and I have the fabric from the chair recovery so today is going to start out making the pillows. I got loads of idea's from the Monday pillow showing on several of the blogs I read.
I just wanted to show a few things that came in the mail this week! First to come was the fabric I needed for my quilt. The green on top is the fabric that I already had for my sashing and the green on bottom is what came. No they don't match to my surprise but that's OK the bottom green is in some of my blocks so I will still be using it!
Sorry for the upside down picture but I also received this wonderful spindle and how to book from Wanda Jenkins at Jenkins spindles. I've been craving one for over a year and my Mother-n-law gave us money for Christmas and hubby said for me to use it on myself so this is what I purchased.
Its called the Turkish Delight and it just so cute! It is also hand made by Wanda's hubby Ed! He has lots of wood to choose from and mine is out of Blood wood.
And the last thing is my DVD and wool for my loom! I'm going to weave hubby and I each a scarf!

I'm off to work on the pillows and I'm hopping I don't freeze today its really cold. Stay warm everyone and have a wonderful day.


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Working on my Quilt!

I spent most of Friday working on my quilt and found that I needed more fabric for the sashing. So once again I was very lucky and found more on EBay!
I finished the two blocks and got all the sashing cut and I have started piecing it together. I sure like how its turning out. I decided to do a star pattern between the sashing and I love the look.

Here's a closer look! The fabric for the outside border came yesterday, boy was that fast. I'm hoping that the green sashing fabric comes just as fast.
There will be more sewing on Friday but tonight is the start of American Idol and my daughter and I always watch it together. Its really a great time to get my knitting done!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Party Hat!

And here he is in his new party hat as he would call it! I think he looks like a little snowboarder or at least the hat looks like one a snowboarder would wear!

I love how it turned out!

Pattern: My own
Yarn: By Wisdom Yarns


Friday, January 8, 2010

Dragon Fly Quilt

After working three long days in a row, I worked yesterday making a plan for my quilt. I have enough of the red for my backing and a small border on the front. The yellow will be my binding and I really like the black with the dragonflies but I didn't have enough for the large border. So I went on eBay and there it was just what I need, so I ordered it and I'm sure it will be here before I need it!
I have enough of these for my sashing! The blocks are so busy so I think the green will clam everything down.
I was out of bread so daughter came over and we got eight loafs made yummy!
And I got the grandsons hat finished and I'm hoping I can get a picture of him in it! Will it off to work on the quilt today and maybe I will get a little knitting in also!


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Goals for 2010

This isn't one of my goals for 2010 but I just thought that you might like to see what I had been knitting before Christmas. I couldn't show you at the time because my daughter reads my blogs and it was a gift for her!
The hat was from a pattern that a friend wrote for the yarn shop that I worked for several years back. I just love doing cables, they are so much fun! The scarf was from a pattern I had written down from somewhere. I think they go will with her purple and lime green coat!
OK Goal 1: Finish the sweaters that I had bought the yarn for two of my grandson's. One is getting close to getting done. Finish the bottom put a hood and arm on and its done! Sounds like it could be fast!!! Then start the second one!
Goal 2: Finish this hat for my three year old grandson. I'm pretty much done and I going to line it with the polka dot fleece, should be nice and warm.
Goal 3: I have twenty four of these blocks from a one year class that I took a couple of years ago. I did two blocks a month one was a easy block and the other was a little harder block to do. Now I just need to finish two blocks that I never finished (because I was in the middle of moving) and decide how I going to put it together! The fabric is from Nancy Odom's Gather Sunshine!
Before the year had ended I went into the shop to purchased the fabric to finish the quilt and most of it was gone. So this is what I ended up with, just enough of the red for the backing and a few different colors for borders and binding. And then I was able to pick up a few small pieces for something I just don't know what yet. So if you have any idea's please help!
Goal 4: My last goal for now, I don't like to set to many for myself. I really like to finish the goals that I do set. Well, this is Charlotte, my loom, and I do love her so much and it was such a wonderful gift that hubby got me for my last birthday back in March. I haven't done a thing with her. I had taken a weaving class back in 2008 and then he got me the loom last year and I have forgotten most of what I learned. I was trying to take the class and build our new home I think it was just to much at once. So my goal is to learn how to weave again and make something fabulous!

Wish me luck because I going to need it!