Sunday, January 31, 2010

Finding some great chairs!

While on a search for some chairs for my craft studio I came across these two! I love the red one but there is no padding under the fabric which made it a very hard chair! The white one is cute but I'm not to found of the blue and white fabric!
So I took off the fabric on the red one and added several layers of batting. And as for the white chair it got new batting and some new red fabric! I'm not sure if it will stay the red checked but for now it will do!


  1. LOVE THEM!!!!!!! ( the red chair is my fav too)

  2. These are pretty great. Love that red one.

  3. Very Cute!!!!! I love the photos of your house. You have done a fabulous job with your decorating and your sewing is unbelievable. I will stop back to see more, I am looking forward to it. Debbie

  4. Happy sitting! The white chair with the nice red batting is my favorite. Greatings - Angelika

  5. ooooh adore your your sweet blog..happy february!

  6. Nice finds!!! I really like the fabric on the red chair so I'm glad you kept it!!

    I'm such a chair re-covering wimp. I really need to try that some day!!