Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pillows For The Kitchen!

I finished yesterday it really didn't take to long but it was fun designing how I wanted to make them. I got the chicken and rooster pillows off of EBay!
I had one curtain left over that I had bought before the house was done and I wasn't sure how many I needed. But they were on clearance and I didn't want to be short. I didn't know what I was going to do with it tell yesterday when I decided to cut it apart and use it for the top of two of my pillows. It already had the buttons on it I just cut off the small checked scallop, you can look at the top picture to see what the curtain looks like!
This one is my favorite and so easy to make! I just covered some buttons to match the side fabric. The total cost of my pillows that I made was $30.00, the fabric was all the left overs from the chair and cushion!
I thought I would show you a few pictures of how the kitchen now looks!
I'm so in love with my farm sink!
And my baking counter!
And the red door to my pantry!
After making all the pillows for the kitchen window seat it made my bedroom window seat look pretty bad! This cushion and all but the flower pillows came with me from my last house. I found my quilt for my bed and the flower pillows after we moved into this house. I remembered putting some of this fabric away when we moved in but I couldn't remember how much was still left. So last night I went on a search for the fabric and found that I have enough for two large pillows. So I think I'm going out today to get two more pillow forms while they are still 50% off.

More to come on the bedroom window seat!



  1. That was quick work on those pillows, and they came out so nice too. I would love to have even one window seat in my home. Alas, that is a pipe dream for me. I see you have two. That must be such fun. Do you ever curl up in them to read? That's what I would do. The light through the windows would be perfect for reading.

    Your kitchen is extremely lovely too. You have decorated everything so perfectly. :)

  2. The pillows are sooooo cute ! You have a nica and comfy place at your kitchen-window. A good place to embroider and stitch !
    Greetings with snow from Germany, Angelika

  3. Looks great!!! I'm impressed with how speedy you are!

    Windowseat question....does anyone in your house actually use the windowseats? I ask because we have a big window seat, without cushions, that never gets used. I'm wondering if I'd use it if it did have cushions.


  4. It looks so cozy and inviting in your kitchen! Of course I love the red pantry door. I want one of those. But my little kitchen is so dark it might blind you. You did a fantastic job on those pillows.

  5. Looks absolutely super Julie. Actually your wall color looks the same as my trim color!

  6. The pillows look great. I love your kitchen!

  7. julie.. I love it!!!! it looks amazing, great job. I love the little quilt on your table too!

  8. just found your lovely blog..your pillows are so adorable. I love your cozy sweet to read some of your past post to see what I have been missing. Oh and I love the polka dots on your wallpaper!

  9. What a wonderful room, so much space! I love the chicken fabric, very cute.

  10. Your pillows came out so great! I love your choice of fabrics. LOVE that farm sink!!


  11. I love the seat in the window and your pillows are just gorgeous! What a cozy kitchen you have!

  12. How very bright cheerful and cosy you have made it in your kitchen! What a pretty table with the sofa nook! I just love it. Maybe you can come and do my house too? :)