Friday, January 8, 2010

Dragon Fly Quilt

After working three long days in a row, I worked yesterday making a plan for my quilt. I have enough of the red for my backing and a small border on the front. The yellow will be my binding and I really like the black with the dragonflies but I didn't have enough for the large border. So I went on eBay and there it was just what I need, so I ordered it and I'm sure it will be here before I need it!
I have enough of these for my sashing! The blocks are so busy so I think the green will clam everything down.
I was out of bread so daughter came over and we got eight loafs made yummy!
And I got the grandsons hat finished and I'm hoping I can get a picture of him in it! Will it off to work on the quilt today and maybe I will get a little knitting in also!



  1. The hat is so cute and the bread looks yummy. I hope you have fun with yourquilt to day and I carn't wait to see it finished.
    Hugs Bec

  2. That little hat is too cute. And that bread looks yummy. Do you freeze it now?

  3. Yay for a finished hat! I notice in the break photo that your canisters match your quilt fabrics!

  4. The hat is adorable. This year I am going to learn to quilt. I have made a few patchwork quilts by hand.. now I need to learn the real way.


  5. The fabrics are wonderful. Sweet hat for a cut boy. Greetings with snow ! Angelika