Saturday, January 2, 2010

Goals for 2010

This isn't one of my goals for 2010 but I just thought that you might like to see what I had been knitting before Christmas. I couldn't show you at the time because my daughter reads my blogs and it was a gift for her!
The hat was from a pattern that a friend wrote for the yarn shop that I worked for several years back. I just love doing cables, they are so much fun! The scarf was from a pattern I had written down from somewhere. I think they go will with her purple and lime green coat!
OK Goal 1: Finish the sweaters that I had bought the yarn for two of my grandson's. One is getting close to getting done. Finish the bottom put a hood and arm on and its done! Sounds like it could be fast!!! Then start the second one!
Goal 2: Finish this hat for my three year old grandson. I'm pretty much done and I going to line it with the polka dot fleece, should be nice and warm.
Goal 3: I have twenty four of these blocks from a one year class that I took a couple of years ago. I did two blocks a month one was a easy block and the other was a little harder block to do. Now I just need to finish two blocks that I never finished (because I was in the middle of moving) and decide how I going to put it together! The fabric is from Nancy Odom's Gather Sunshine!
Before the year had ended I went into the shop to purchased the fabric to finish the quilt and most of it was gone. So this is what I ended up with, just enough of the red for the backing and a few different colors for borders and binding. And then I was able to pick up a few small pieces for something I just don't know what yet. So if you have any idea's please help!
Goal 4: My last goal for now, I don't like to set to many for myself. I really like to finish the goals that I do set. Well, this is Charlotte, my loom, and I do love her so much and it was such a wonderful gift that hubby got me for my last birthday back in March. I haven't done a thing with her. I had taken a weaving class back in 2008 and then he got me the loom last year and I have forgotten most of what I learned. I was trying to take the class and build our new home I think it was just to much at once. So my goal is to learn how to weave again and make something fabulous!

Wish me luck because I going to need it!



  1. Yay for goals - especially a weaving goal!! You can do it. (Believe me, if I can, you can!!)

    Hopefully you've got some good books - especially Deborah Chandler's Learning to Weave to remind you of what you learned in class.

    And then, when you get stuck or need help, just ask. The online weaving community is very helpful!

    Happy New Year!!


  2. Wow Julie, your work is amazing!! I bet your daugher just loved it.
    The loom.. whao.. I wouldn't even know where to start!! I'm sure you will get the hang of it quickly and bust out some more beautfiul projects. I like the "goal" term ..wonder what my 2010 goal shall be?.. hmmmmm!

  3. Once I made binding for a quilt out of scraps. The quilt is hanging behind my bed. I probably made it back in the early nineties. The colors were mostly blues. So I went to my stash and pieced together binding! I'll take a photo and post it soon. It's of those simple little blocks.

  4. You can do it! Along with D. Chandlers book, there is the The Big Book
    of Weaving by Laila Lundell. Excellent reference.
    That's a beautiful loom! What a nice DH indeed.

  5. What full year you are going to be having and it sounds like fun with all those goals. The loom looks like it will be a lot of fun and I am sure you will be able to make something wonderful with it , good on DH for a great gift.
    Happy New Year
    Hugs Bec

  6. I love all your projects. That hat for your daughter is soooo cute. Love the blocks and that loom.........oh my. That looks complicated. You've got lots to do.

  7. Love the loom, you can do it, if you get stuck ask, there is always someone that's been there done that with the insight to help. Good luck with the goals sound like a lot of fun!

  8. The blocks are looking very good. I am strained on the completion. Greetings, Angelika

  9. Julie, that loom is so cool! I am so anxious to see what you make with it. I love woven things. I just know you won't have any trouble picking it back up. That hat for your grandson is going to be so cute. Please take a picture when it's done to show us. I just know you are going to achieve your goals for this year. I am wishing all the best for you - health, happiness and peace. Twyla

  10. What nice crafty goals! I like your cable hat, I've not tried cables yet, perhaps something to add to my list for this year.

  11. Excellent goals, Julie! I confess that I didn't' include any fiber related goals on my goal list. I think I'm still too unsure as to whether or not I'll get to that much this year. I'm sure you'll do very well with yours.

  12. Great Goals Julie! I've always wanted to learn to weave. I don't know why. It just seems to meditative to me when I see someone weaving that's got a rhythm going. I just think it would be a wonderful thing to know how to do.

    The hat for your daughter is cute - I love the color. I can't knit btw. I've tried and there's just something about it that doesn't jive with the way I think (what do you think that means LOL)!


  13. Your daughter looks lovely in her hat and scarf. And I'm sure she is enjoying the warmth they are providing for her.

    I sure hope you learn to weave something. It would be a shame to let that loom sit there, going to waste. :)