Friday, July 31, 2009

My Sock and Paisley

My second sock is almost done and should be done by the weekend and ready to show. It has knit up so much faster than the first one. But now I need to go into the stash and find some yarn and a pattern for the next pair.

Paisley got a new do! She is never excited about going to the vet (yes that's where she gets in hair done) but this time was so different. When I opened the door to go in she took off running with her tail going back and forth. I think she has been so hot that she was pretty excited to get shaved. I just love when I pick her up and she smells so good and acts just like a little puppy not a girl that is eleven years old.

By the end of the day she is pretty worn out and loves to sleep on the arm of the chair in our office. I don't know how she can't sleep when she is setting up but she does. Sorry the picture is so dark but its late at night and that's all the lighting I can get in that room.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Cute New Bench

Back in April I saw this sweet little bench setting in front a second hand shop that takes old furniture and paints in really cute. It was setting outside by the door of the shop and as I past by I saw it and thought it would look so cute in my entry. I'm one of those people that makes everyone take off there shoes when they come into my home. So hubby had been saying that we need a bench by the front door so friends could sit down to put there shoes back on. Back then I didn't have time to stop and look at it. And then I forgot all about it tell the other day when hubby brought it up again.
So off to the cute little shop we went and yes it was still there and now it was 50% off how lucky is that! I just love how it looks next to my hand painted cabinet. But now I need something to go above it next to one of my very favorite pictures. My daughter thinks I should find a big old clock but I'm still looking. If anyone has a idea please let me know!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Its a Girl!

What a crazy last two days!!!My daughter from Colorado shows up on Tuesday night to surprise me and then yesterday my son calls to let me know that they think they might be having a baby that night. But then 10 minutes after he calls he calls back to say "get here now"!!!!

So I jumped in the car to race to there house and half way there he calls back and says "Are you almost here shes having her now". So he called there friends that lives down the street and called me be to let me know that Brain would be there when I got there. Its was only 5 minutes and I was there. Then to my surprise my son called yes 10 minute later to say that they had a baby girl. She was in labor a total of 1 and 1/2 hours. Her water broke as she got to the hospital door and it was a race to get up to the labor room and there she was.

So hubby and I loaded our granddaughter and grandson into the car to go and see there new baby sister. But we had to make a couple of stops to pick up a little pink teddy bear and have something to eat at Wendy's. As you can see by the picture my granddaughter is loving her new sister. I didn't think she was ever going let me hold her.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Second sock coming along!

I don't know what it is about me but I have no problem working on my second sock. Its the first sock that is the problem. It always seems that it takes me so long to get the first one done and then I get so excited about it and then I just sail through the second.
My Black eyed Susan are blooming I'm so happy I didn't think they would ever bloom!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Duckies Socks

I have been knitting and I've got one of my socks done and working on the second one. I'm just loving these socks! Its such a fun pattern to knit and the yarn is wonderful.
Pattern: Duckies
Yarn: 1 skein Sknitches Big Tryst in apple

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Quilts and more Quilts!

Yesterday I had the day off so we started our quilting day at around 10:00am. I've been able to work on my sashing here and there all week but was able to get all done but one seam across the middle. I loving how it is turning out and I think once I add the two borders it going to be so cute!

Jess was able to get four stars cut out with one put together and the three very close to being done. Its so hard for her with stopping to feed the baby, he eats all the time. But he was so good and its nice to have a swing and a crib in my craft room. All he did was eat and sleep, eat and sleep. We stopped around 5:00 so she could go home and make dinner and it was so nice that she invited me down so I didn't have to cook.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Needle Punch done and more!

Its done I'm so glad its done and I can feel like something is finished in my life! I think it turned out very well and I'm loving how it looks on my front entry table with my Fourth of July bears. Its been such a nice day today the weather has been a little rainy and cool for July. After finishing my needle punch so early I was able to work on some much need quilting.
I've had these blocks for some time now and since my daughter has wanted to start quilting again I got them out and decided to get them put together. I did a block of the month about three years ago or more ago and when we moved they got packed up and put in storage. So after getting my needle punch done I worked on these. I had already purchased all the fabric for the quilt but forgot what I purchased for what. So it took me a little while to decided what I thought I was going to use what fabric for. I got all the lattice and corner squares cut out and ready for Tuesday night. While Jess will be busy cutting her blocks out, I thought I should get these ready to be sewn together. Stay tuned for pictures on Wednesday!
This is kind of hard to see because my bathroom walls are gold but I thought that I would show you what I've made. This is a Pansy that was growing in a pot on my side porch. I have several flower presses that hubby has made me. So I picked the flower pressed it for a week and put in between two pieces of glass and into this frame where it now hangs in my bathroom. I just thinks it is so cute!
After working on so many projects it was off to the couch for some Harry Potter. The new movie is coming out next week and I really like watching all the movies before I see the next. Yes I'm a Harry Potter fan but I don't own the movies or the books. My daughter has them all so while I was down at her house last night I took all the movies and watched the first one last night. And then today was number two and maybe tonight will be three. We will see!!! Ha Ha

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Two Days of Painting and Crafting

We have or I should say hubby has been painting for the last two days trying so hard to get the outside done. He did get it done but still needs to do a second coat on the two gables coming out from my craft room.

I love how the front of the garage has turned out. The darker color sure bring down the roof so it doesn't look so tall. And I just the the color!!!

Can you see hubby way up there? I really hate heights and it is so hard to watch him. I been up in my craft room most of the time and I've had to ran out and hold the ladder so he can get down. And it just makes me sick to watch!

This is what I've been working on! Its a needle punch kit that I had purchased several months ago and decided that July was a good month to get it finished. I'm just about done but I ran out of the background color so after work I must stop and get some and get it done so I can enjoy for part of July!!!!

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mini Summer Quilt Swap

On one of the blogs I enjoy reading I learned about the Mini Summer Quilt Swap. It looked so fun and I just loved the quilt she made and the one that she received in the mail was lovely. The closing date was July 6th and I just made it on time and I should know by the 10th who I'm making my quilt for. I have tell September to get it made and sent off. You can find out more information at It sounds like a fun time and I have found this cute summer pattern to make.

My daughter decided that we should start spending Tuesday nights together quilting. Her husband is gone that night so it would be a good night for both of us. So last night was our first night and this is the first quilt block that she has ever made.

Its from the "Women of Charm" book. Its an older book that I have had for several years. We bought all the fabric a couple of years ago but I lived far away from her at that time and it was hard to get together. But now that I live right around the corner it works out pretty good. She only has eight more to go!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Happy 4th of July weekend

I hope everyone is enjoying there 4th of July weekend. As you can see hubby was able to get our flag up!
We've have been having such a fun weekend which started on Thursday night with a nice dinner out with all the kids. July 1st was our little grandson's second birthday so we took the kids out to dinner and then back to our house for cake and a sleep over. All the boys went to my daughters house to sleep over and games and the girls stayed at mine for a late night movies.

As you can see Paisley is out front enjoying the early morning while I water the pots of flowers!

We spent the night of the 4th at my son's house for pizza and off to the fireworks. It was one of the best fireworks I've seen in along time.

Happy 4th of July!!!!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Little Gardens

Back in April I purchased some flower and herb seeds thinking that we might get some of the yard done so that I could planted them. Will that was wishful thinking on my part but after several months hubby has done two front bed for me.

I have gotten them all planted and was able to plant all of my flower and herb seeds with all of the rain and cool weather we have been having. The bed up top that is in front of the porch I have planted sunflowers, a large butterfly bush and severl small bushes that will have little yellow flowers on them. And some of my favorite Daylillies.

In the bed between the front porch and the little side porch I have planted my Butterfly garden. With a bleeding heart, black-eyed susan's, pink cone flowers and a small butterfly bush along with bee-balm and lavender. And some small sunflowers and hollyhocks. Then on the bottom I have planted my herb garden. I also have put a glass flower that I put water in for the butterflies. I'm hopping that hubby will build me a butterfly house soon.
I started keeping a journal of my garden and flower beds back at our old house. It was nice because first of all I would remember what I planted and where I planted it. And then if I lost anything over our very cold winters I would remember what it was and not to planted it again.
I can't believe that hubby has moved all of the rock by hand and muscle!
But next year it should look beautiful!