Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Cute New Bench

Back in April I saw this sweet little bench setting in front a second hand shop that takes old furniture and paints in really cute. It was setting outside by the door of the shop and as I past by I saw it and thought it would look so cute in my entry. I'm one of those people that makes everyone take off there shoes when they come into my home. So hubby had been saying that we need a bench by the front door so friends could sit down to put there shoes back on. Back then I didn't have time to stop and look at it. And then I forgot all about it tell the other day when hubby brought it up again.
So off to the cute little shop we went and yes it was still there and now it was 50% off how lucky is that! I just love how it looks next to my hand painted cabinet. But now I need something to go above it next to one of my very favorite pictures. My daughter thinks I should find a big old clock but I'm still looking. If anyone has a idea please let me know!


  1. cute bench!!! I'm also a remove your shoes before you enter, I just think its rude not to!

  2. Very cute! I don't think I can visit you. I have to wear my shoes all the time. :( I even have to put shoes on as I am getting out of bed in the middle of the night to get a quick glass of water.

    Maybe I could just have house shoes at your house that never see the outside so don't mess anything up? :)

  3. It looks very cute I think a big clock or quilt would look very good above the bench. I to am like you people take their shoes of in my house to, it was something I grew up with.
    Big Hugs

  4. I love the bench! I like the idea of a clock, or a mirror so people can check their hair before they answer the door, or maybe an arrangement of baskets or plates hanging on the wall...

  5. Very cute, and it does look like it was meant to be there. Congratulations.

  6. You must be from up north? I grew up in Texas and we were taught to wear our shoes ALL the time. I'd put them on first thing in the morning and take them off at bedtime. My brother used to take showers with his on (actually he used to wet his hair and claim to take a shower. But he was always caught because he always had his shoes on). We moved up north a few years ago and it's customary to take your shoes off so it became a habit for us. We are now back in Texas and I don't allow shoes on in my home but people don't listen here. They still walk around with their shoes on which irritates me because I like clean floors!
    I love your bench. I'd put a mirror above it but that's because I like to check myself before I open the door!