Thursday, July 2, 2009

My Little Gardens

Back in April I purchased some flower and herb seeds thinking that we might get some of the yard done so that I could planted them. Will that was wishful thinking on my part but after several months hubby has done two front bed for me.

I have gotten them all planted and was able to plant all of my flower and herb seeds with all of the rain and cool weather we have been having. The bed up top that is in front of the porch I have planted sunflowers, a large butterfly bush and severl small bushes that will have little yellow flowers on them. And some of my favorite Daylillies.

In the bed between the front porch and the little side porch I have planted my Butterfly garden. With a bleeding heart, black-eyed susan's, pink cone flowers and a small butterfly bush along with bee-balm and lavender. And some small sunflowers and hollyhocks. Then on the bottom I have planted my herb garden. I also have put a glass flower that I put water in for the butterflies. I'm hopping that hubby will build me a butterfly house soon.
I started keeping a journal of my garden and flower beds back at our old house. It was nice because first of all I would remember what I planted and where I planted it. And then if I lost anything over our very cold winters I would remember what it was and not to planted it again.
I can't believe that hubby has moved all of the rock by hand and muscle!
But next year it should look beautiful!


  1. You're going to love watching that garden grow into something wonderful!

  2. Your garden is going to look lovely and thanks for the comment. You are going to enjoy the swap
    Big Hugs Bec

  3. That garden is going to be fun and I love the idea of journaling the progress.

  4. I know they are not too impressive right now, but next year they will be lovely. Your new home is looking pretty good to me. :)