Saturday, July 11, 2009

Needle Punch done and more!

Its done I'm so glad its done and I can feel like something is finished in my life! I think it turned out very well and I'm loving how it looks on my front entry table with my Fourth of July bears. Its been such a nice day today the weather has been a little rainy and cool for July. After finishing my needle punch so early I was able to work on some much need quilting.
I've had these blocks for some time now and since my daughter has wanted to start quilting again I got them out and decided to get them put together. I did a block of the month about three years ago or more ago and when we moved they got packed up and put in storage. So after getting my needle punch done I worked on these. I had already purchased all the fabric for the quilt but forgot what I purchased for what. So it took me a little while to decided what I thought I was going to use what fabric for. I got all the lattice and corner squares cut out and ready for Tuesday night. While Jess will be busy cutting her blocks out, I thought I should get these ready to be sewn together. Stay tuned for pictures on Wednesday!
This is kind of hard to see because my bathroom walls are gold but I thought that I would show you what I've made. This is a Pansy that was growing in a pot on my side porch. I have several flower presses that hubby has made me. So I picked the flower pressed it for a week and put in between two pieces of glass and into this frame where it now hangs in my bathroom. I just thinks it is so cute!
After working on so many projects it was off to the couch for some Harry Potter. The new movie is coming out next week and I really like watching all the movies before I see the next. Yes I'm a Harry Potter fan but I don't own the movies or the books. My daughter has them all so while I was down at her house last night I took all the movies and watched the first one last night. And then today was number two and maybe tonight will be three. We will see!!! Ha Ha


  1. Congratulations getting the needle punch done, and yes, it looks perfect with your bears.

    I LOVE the pressed pansy. What a great idea! And it looks just perfect on your gold wall too.

    Have fun with the quilting. :)

  2. Congratulations on finishing the punch picture. Very nice. Looks great with the bears.

    I LOVE the pressed pansy. What a great idea!

    Have fun quilting. :)

  3. There has been lots happening at home at your place! what a lovely idea for you and your daughter to spend a night a week sewing together. I remember many happy hours doing the same with my dear mum, sadly though she is not longer around, enjoy while you are able!