Monday, January 25, 2010

Dragon Fly quilt almost done!

I can't believe its been a week since my last post, where did the time go! We've been busy putting a refinisher on all of our wood floors so the computer was hard to get too. And I had to spend most of my days off up in my craft room while the floor was drying. But it gave me a chance to get my quilt finished and work on my knitting. As you can see the quilt is done and ready to take to be quilted.

And I did manage to almost complete one of the sweaters!



  1. Congrats on a finished quilt!!! It's a beauty!

    And the floor re-finishing is a hassle, but so worth it. All those years of nice floors to enjoy now!

    An almost finished sweater is another big achievement in my book!


  2. I love the quilt, it is so beautiful.

    You have gotten so much done: quilt, floors, and almost a sweater.

    You are doing awesome!

  3. Julie your quilt is beautiful! Floor refinishis is a pain but so worth it.


  4. I guess then it was great timing for your floors to get re-finished, as it gave you uninterruped time in your craft room. I could kill for some time to get things done!

  5. Oh my your quilt is amazing. What an inspiration you lovely it will be to cozy up in it! xoxox

  6. This is one stunning quilt! Marvelous to get it finished! I hope you are pleased as can be!

  7. The quilt is really beautiful. Congratulations! Have you ever stitched the quilting yourself? I have a friend who is a quilter, and she hand-stitches the quilt layers together using a giant hoop. It looks like an embroidery hoop, but much, much larger. I love to sit and watch her. Not being a quilter myself, I find the process fascinating to watch. :)