Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Working on my Quilt!

I spent most of Friday working on my quilt and found that I needed more fabric for the sashing. So once again I was very lucky and found more on EBay!
I finished the two blocks and got all the sashing cut and I have started piecing it together. I sure like how its turning out. I decided to do a star pattern between the sashing and I love the look.

Here's a closer look! The fabric for the outside border came yesterday, boy was that fast. I'm hoping that the green sashing fabric comes just as fast.
There will be more sewing on Friday but tonight is the start of American Idol and my daughter and I always watch it together. Its really a great time to get my knitting done!


  1. What a gorgeous quilt! I love the stars between the sashing.

  2. The blocks are looking great ! Do'nt be so stingy with purchase of fabric - rather buy a few yards more ! Greetings with snow from Germany, Angelika

  3. What a lovely quilt!! I love the combination of colors and patterns. Lots of variety, but it all looks great together!

    TV and knitting is on my agenda tonight too!


  4. I can only imagine how gorgeous that is going to be when finished! Oh, it's beautiful!

  5. I love that you used a different pattern for each block and the color coordination is great. I too knitted and watched AI its the only program we watch every year.

  6. Cute! Is this type of thing called a sampler when all the squares are different?

  7. looks good julie, on the machine and off you go! my hand piecing is a bit slower, but i can do it and watch television at the same time.

  8. Beautiful!!! Have fun watching American Idol and knitting.