Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Wilkom or Welcome

I bought this Welcome sign several years ago when we went to Amish Country in PA. It has been in storage for years like six years. But now I have the perfect place for it by my side door into my laundry room.
I love how it looks with the color we painted and my red door!
Not really much to say it was a hard night last night. Paisley has had a really bad back for the last two years. About a year ago she jumped off my daughters couch and couldn't use her back legs for two days. But after finding out that the problem was at the end of her back just above her tail we put her on some medication and she was back to normal pretty fast. But last night as she went outback to use the grass, on the way down the stairs I noticed that she just wasn't herself. She just stood on the grass and looked like she just didn't feel real good and was in pain. So I told her lets go back in and then I noticed that she wouldn't go back up the stairs. So I picked her up found her medication and gave her one and off to bed we went. She had such a hard night not being able to move so I keep having to help her. Then about two am I thought she wasn't going to make it and I'm just not ready to let her go. She is eleven years old and I'm hoping she has a few more years! Hopfully after having another pill today it will start helping the pain!


  1. awwww poor little Paisley!!! Hope the meds kick in and she starts feeling better. Hugs to you both.

  2. Oh you poor thing Paisley I hope the vet has what you need and that mum gives you lots of hugs. I also like the sign that mum put up near her door.
    Big Hugs to you Paisley

  3. Your welcome sign is really lovely, and it looks like it belongs there.

    Your sock is looking really good too. I have a pair I have been working on with one finished too. I would love to get the second one done, but it seems every time I turn around there is something else need doing and so the sock waits. Oh well, eventually I will get it done. I don't really need it right now anyway. :)

  4. Poor Paisley, I hope she recovers soon.

    I love the Wilkom sign. It looks made to order for your house!