Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Laundry Room

This is my laundry room and one of my favorite rooms. In our last house the laundry room was so small so we decided the next house it was going to be a good size. I have a very large stainless steal sink and a stainless counter top. I love the drape I made out of fabric that looks like its from the 1930"s.
I just got the shelf and the coat hooks from Ikea a few weeks ago. I painted them red and sanded them putting some stain over the top. I then got the basket and still need something else to go next to it. I saw an old iron but hubby was worried that it could fall off and hit one of the kids in the head. I also need a picture above the coat hooks that I put lower for the kids. I think I might have something down stairs I just need to go look.

Now I'm not liking the color of my bench and I'm thinking I should paint it black leaving the seat like it is. I have some more 1930's fabric in my craft studio so I'm thinking a few pillows would be nice.
Sitting on top of my freezer is my collection of plaid. These were all my mothers and I'm looking for a red or green plaid water jug. So if anyone out there finds one please let me know! I love my green wall next to the freezer and we also painted the wall across from the sink and washer and dryer the same green.
This is my mother's apron that she always had it on when cooking dinner on Sundays. Its one that she made and did cross stitch on. I had framed it in a white frame and hang it over the washer but when I painted my shelf and coat hooks I decided to paint the frame to match. I never did like the white! There isn't anything in my house that is white!


  1. My laundry room is unfortunately a walkway between the kitchen and garage. Hey, I looked on eBay for you and here is a link to a plaid water jug. Think it has nine hours to go. Brenda

  2. Your laundry room is great!!!! I love the way you've chosen to display your Mom's apron.

  3. I love the laundry room. You have such a way with placement! I like the idea of the bench with black!

  4. OMG! The epitome of organization! I am envious....

  5. Wow this is really cute! I love the red accents.

  6. What a fabulous laundry room! I have a laundry closet and I iron in my guest bedroom.

    I love the idea of painting your bench black. I think it would look great like that.


  7. Wow, what a great laundry room! I am sooo impressed! Black and natural wood together seems to be really popular plus it looks attractive. Doing that cute bench like that would suit the room.

  8. Oh I'd love a laundry room! I just have a washer in the kitchen and end up with piles of wet/damp/dry clothes all over the place.
    Very well organised!