Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Hat for a speical baby boy!

Let me tell you a story about a girl who wanted a baby for so many years! Her name is Becca and she is a really good friend of mine. For about the past ten years she has been trying to have a baby and then this past year they decided to adopted. This past May she found out though another friend that a friend of a friend wanted to give her baby girl up for adoption. So this friend called Becca and they got a lawyer and by the first part of June the baby was born and Becca and Dan took home a new baby girl. However one week later the women wanted the baby back and yes Becca and Dan had to return her. Becca was heart broken and I just couldn't believe that she was having to go though that!
Will there is a happy ending! A few days later I talked to another friend of ours that her sister-n-law owns a adoption agency. And she said to call Becca and have her call Yvonne because she has several babies that she needs to place. So I ran and called Becca and told her that she needed to call right that minute. Will Becca said"no I can't I'm still having a hard time" and I said "I don't care if your having a hard time if I have to come down there and call her for you I will". OK I know that sounded a little mean but it was the only way I was going to get her to call. So she called right after I hang up from her and within ten days she had a beautiful baby boy! He is now four weeks old and I went to a baby shower for her last night and gave her this sweet little hat that I had knitted. I always have to knit something!

Can you believe it I forgot to take my camera into the baby shower! My friend Patty which is the one with the sister-n-law has had a hard time walking and I had to help her get into the building. So I forgot to take the camera in and I just remembered today, so all you get to see is the hat!

I love happy endings!


  1. Cute hat!! The peas are such a darling addition.

  2. I am pleased all turned out, the hat is so cute and will be nice when the weather gets cooler I think.
    Big Hugs

  3. Not only is that a wonderful story but that sweet baby got an adorable hat. I'm pretty much a basic knitter. I wish I could do more.


  4. Sometimes our most precious treasures are wrought in difficult circumstances. Hopefully now she can say it was all worth it! And the hat is just too cute.

  5. Your friend was fortunate to have you there to spur her to make that call, and now her beautiful little boy has a lovely and adorable little hat. Well done lady! :)

  6. That is so adorable. I love the peas. I think it is wonderful that you made her call. I'm sure mom and dad are thrilled. (It does suck that the first baby was taken back.)