Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Duckies are done!

Pattern: Duckies from aquaknits
Yarn: Sknitches Big Tryst
Color: Apples 'n Oranges cashmere blend yarn

I love this pattern it was fun to knit and easy to remember the pattern. The yarn is super soft with the cashmere blend. And I love how the color turned out with the pattern.

You can download the pattern for free or go to Ravelry and download it from there.

Now its off to my studio to check out my box of sock yarn to see what socks I should knit next. I must have a pair going at all times. It might take awhile to knit with all my other projects but socks can be taken anywhere in just a small bag!


  1. Duclies are soooooo cute, but so sad I'm pretty yuk at knitting. Hope they keep your feet warm when winter comes. You clever thing.
    Big Hugs Bec

  2. Love the yarn and the socks look great! Happy tootsies for you lady! :)

  3. the duckies are cutie! They are perfect!