Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Days off staining and varnishing

We have spent the last four days working on the woodwork in the house. We had already stained the fireplace mantel but hadn't gotten around to getting it varnished. So we decided to work on getting it and the railings to the down stairs and up to my studio done so hubby can return to the outside for more yard work! I love how the fireplace has turned out I think hubby did a wonderful job laying the brick and building the mantle. We have been trying hard to use up oak that we had left over from the railings. He managed to build all of it from left overs but the large piece of oak on top.
Here is a picture from my kitchen into the hall of the railing leading to the downstairs. I'm sorry the pictures are so dark but I did take these during the day with all the lights on. The gold paint on the walls seems to make my pictures come out a little dark. But its not that dark in the house!
Another one of the railing to the downstairs, this is taken from the great room into the hall. You can see my laundry room from here. Also the door you see is a small half bath!
This is the stairs leading up the my craft studio from my laundry room. The door you see leads out to the three car garage, my studio is above it. All that needs to be done is one more coat of varnish on these railings!


  1. Beautiful! I love natural wood. When we did the addition to our bedroom, I told the builder I wanted natural wood trim all around. We also had our storage (drawers and closet doors) done in wood, and the drawers are built in to give the room more space, rather than having dressers and stuff cluttering the room. Your fireplace and staircase look wonderful. :)

  2. I love your house. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Your house is beautiful!! I love the fire place and epecially the painting obove it.

  4. What a wonderful fireplace he's created! My hat is off to him. That would be way beyond us. I know when to leave things to the experts.

  5. What beautiful woodwork you have and your husband did a great job! It makes your house have that Craftsman feeling that is so special.