Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Few Touches of Halloween

Just thought I would show you a few touches of Halloween in my house. The table in my entry get decorated with a witch bear and her cats. I also have a little mini pumpkin with a witch and a tree with a witch brewing something!
She has a spider hanging from her one arm you can see its orange and black legs.

I love pumpkins so they seem to be here and there! Here is my pumpkin cookie jar with my pumpkin candle setting on my island in the kitchen. And in the back ground you can see my Halloween towel hanging from my oven it says on it "Witch and Famous". On Sunday my son-n-law started to wipe his hands on my towel when my son yelled don't use the decor towel. Then his said to him "even I know that you never use the decor towel".
I bought this pumpkin at a store called Ti Pan Trading for only $4.99! The candle came from QVC a couple of years ago.
Happy Halloween!


  1. I also love Halloween and fall in general. What a great buy on the pumpkin!!! I'm jealous! That's what real ones are selling for around here and they don't last to long.

  2. Julie,

    Your fall touches to your house are so cute and I can't believe all you paid for that darling pumpkin.


  3. Your Halloween touches are great! I need to put out my few harvest items. I am not big on Halloween

  4. What a neat candle! I've never seen one that had such a nice decorative top. The pumpkin cookie jar is cute and so large for 4.99!


  5. I need to go get my stuff and start decorating!

  6. We don't celerbrate Halloween here but I wish you a great time and hope you don't get to scared.

  7. Okay, it all made me want to get some pumpkins and indian corn!
    Looks wonderful and those are some very cute decorations you have.
    I am sure the stuffed ones here would be mistaken for toys but if I put some way up high.....:-)