Friday, October 30, 2009

A Day of Kayaking!

We rented a kayak for a day on the South side of Oahu where we could kayak out to several islands. Kayaking is one of our most favorite things to do where there is water. Here is hubby getting our kayak ready to go!
I'm not one to have my picture taken but I did let hubby take one! Do I look ready for a day out in the ocean?
This is one of the favorite place of the locals to ride the waves!

These are the island that we went out too! Boy it wasn't to bad to get out there but I got pretty worn out coming back.

On the islands we could also watch the surfers and explore the island!

My kids where proud that I asked a young girl if she would take our picture!

On the second island that we went had tons of birds in nest with there babies. They asked that we didn't get to close.
As you can see the wave where big from one island to the other so we had to paddle around to be able to get to the next island. At one point the waves were coming up and hitting me in the face! We had such a fun day except that when we got back I looked down at my legs and boy did my legs get burnt. And yes I did put on sun screen!!!That part wasn't fun I'm still in allot of pain and the legs are now purple!
Happy Halloween!


  1. Purple will look perfect for Halloween. Just kidding, I hope your legs heal quickly especially with the cold here. I love the pictures!

  2. Oh my! I love kayaking. I haven't done it since college though. We haven't been anywhere you can on our last few vacations. (Sorry about the sunburn!)