Saturday, October 10, 2009

Crazy last few days!

My daughter-n-law went out of town on Thursday tell Saturday night and yes I was put in charge of the boys during the day while Dad was at work. Thursday after picking the two older boys up from school we went to the movies and had dinner!
Then on Friday I picked them up again from school and then it was off to meet my daughter and her two boys at the Dinosaur museum. The boys had a great time but it pretty much wore me out!
Here's the youngest waiting with me for the boys to come out after school. I had him all day but didn't even know he was there most of the time.
On Saturday we went to the yarn shop to pick out yarn for the boys and my granddaughter some new sweaters. Two of them picked some pretty crazy colors so we will see how they turn out!

Fun times!



  1. What fun I bet you will sleep well for the rest of the week. It is nice to spend time with them as they grow up so fast. Have a great week.
    Hugs Bec

  2. They will probably turn out great! Who but a good grandma would let kids make their own sweater color combinations. :)

  3. A-ha, sweaters for the grandsons. I see someone's needles will be rather busy for a while. :) They would have worn me to a frazzle, so don't feel bad.

  4. Is that 4 boys all together? Yikes, that WILL keep you busy. But what a wonderful time albeit exhausting you've had. They only stay young for such a short time. Looks like lots of wonderful sweater knitting coming up.

  5. Julie,

    It looks like you did have a busy week with the grandchildren. Don't you wonder where they get all that energy.

    I can't wait to see the sweaters you are making. I think that is too advanced for me.

    Hugs, Gretchen