Thursday, October 8, 2009

Candy Cane Quilt Top Done

I finished my quilt top and I did make some changes. It was coming out to small and so I made the striped border and the large dot border a little larger. But now there is just one problem I don't have enough small dot for the back. So its off to the quilt shop for find something for the back. I'm thinking if they still have the snowflake fabric that is in one of the blocks I will get it!

Have a wonderful fall day!
P.S. I'm freezing!!



  1. Very pretty, like the deep border even if it wasn't planned. Turn on the heat! ;)

  2. What a gorgeous quilt! I love this block - I made my first quilt with it but not in your colours. The red and white look so fresh - wonderful!

  3. Oh, oh, oh! I love this red and white quilt top! I'm loony toons for red and white polka dots. Anything red and white for that matter. Oh, this is going to be soooo beautiful!

  4. I love it. Snowflake on the back would finish it off awesome!

  5. well done julie! very fast julie! i like the extra width on the borders. if you have not already gone out and bought extra fabric for the back, here is a suggestion! from any fabrics you have left over, make a stip of them wide enough to place in with the backing fabric you already have.e.g. place it down the centre or to one side, it makes for interesting backs and you don't end up with another bundle of bits in the cupboard!!!!

  6. Oh boy, I have missed much. Thank goodness it is easy to catch-up on blogs.

    Your Halloween decorations are very cute. I'm afraid I'm not the "holiday decorator" like many are. I made one concession, a Fall spray for the door. That is enough for me. At least I acknowledged what season it is. :)

    The quilt is looking great! Good job.

  7. That is so beautifully done! Candycane describes it so well. Wonderful work!

  8. Wow, what a great quilt. Wonderful fabric and colours. Gratulation and greetings, Angelika

  9. I'm always so drawn to red quilts! This is just beautiful!