Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Trees and cold weather!

Boy did the weather change over night here! Yesterday it started out a beautiful sunny day with the highs in the 90's and then by around 3:00 in the afternoon it was starting to get cold. And then the wind came up and I thought it would blow our new tree's that we had just planted that morning away. Well as you can see it is pretty black and rainy with temps in the 40's! I think it shall be a movie day today not a tree planting day!
Here's a close up of the ten tree's we purchased last week!
We bought four ash tree's, four crab apple's, a fun pine tree and my hubby's favorite oak tree. We got all but the oak and one crab apple planted yesterday before the weather turned cold. I was so worried that they would be broke in half when we got up but I'm happy to say that they are all doing well!

Happy Fall is Here!!



  1. Well at least the chill fall weather is the best time for planting trees!!

  2. I was awaken at 3:51 am this morning by the thunder. I thought that was a crazy wake up call. It is kind of fitting to turn fall on the last day of September.

  3. I'm wearing shorts, so it isn't cold here. I don't imagine it will be for some time. I had a friend who had a tree planted in the summer and it died. Better to plant when it's cooler, I think.

  4. We just planted three new trees and cut down a couple of old crab apple trees. Always something to do in the yard.

  5. Julie, This is a great time to plant trees. Just make sure they are getting lots of water as they start out. I like to plant them before the snow flies and it sounds like you may be close to that. LOL


  6. I've been eyeing some trees too! This is the perfect time to plant for me. I'm just wondering if I should or shouldn't plant more fruit trees!