Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hanging my Quilt and the Library

Finally I was able to get pictures of my new shelve to show you! I have worked the last three days and by the time I get home its to dark to take pictures. I have to get picture in the morning when I can open the door to let the sun shine in so they aren't to dark! Its hard to get a good picture of the front door but here you can see a little bit of it.
Here is a close up of the shelve and my quilt hanging from it. I found this shelve at Roberts craft unfinished so I painted it black and distressed it and stained the knobs the same color as the front door. I just love how it looks and I managed to find a few things around the house to put on it! The plate is from my daughter-n-laws mother, she gave it to me for Christmas one year and I didn't have a place for it tell now!
As you come in the front door off from the entry where the shelve hangs we have our library. My hubby has always wanted a library for all of his books so when I was designing this house I decided to add that library. I guess you could call it an office because we have our desks and computer in there but we call it the library!
Hubby's great uncle built this roll top desk when he was only in his late teens to early twenties. It had gone to hubby' s grandfather then to his dad and down to him. Then we found the other desk and chair in a second hand shop right before we moved into the house.
This is where I put most of the log cabin and cowboy decor that we had from our last house in the mountains. And its turned out looking pretty nice! We still need to get one more row of shelves for the very top and more books! We lost about four boxes of hubby's books when we had a flood in the basement of our first home.

Have a nice Day!


  1. Your house is just lovely. I love the libary and dream of having one day too so I can unpack the rest of my books that are still in boxs.
    Big Hugs

  2. Hi Julie, I saw you over at Debbie's Cottage in the country.. and stopped by here to check things out. I love your quilt, house is lovely too!!! LIke you, I can't wait to decorate for Fall and Halloween!!!!!

  3. The quilt looks wonderful hanging there in the entryway. And I love your library too. Who wouldn't want a place for all those wonderful books. Being an avid reader my entire life, I totally understand and appreciate what you have finally achieved. Good for you both! How grand! :)

  4. Julie,

    I love your quilt shelf and you did a super job painting and distressing it.

    We made our 3rd bedroom into a library and office. It's probably my favorite room in our house.


  5. Lovely. I just love wall to wall bookshelves.

  6. My library is two and a half bookshelves. Oh, how I envy you guys that library!