Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Party weekend

We had a family party on Sunday at my youngest son's house to celebrate our new little granddaughter. I was put in charge of the cakes, so I tried to make a pumpkin shaped cake but it didn't look to good but it tasted yummy!
My sweet daughter and her hubby with my grand dog Toby!
Three of my grandson's getting the pins ready to bowl!
From the left is my son the doctor, my son the firefighter with my daughters little boy, my hubby and setting in the chair is my daughter-n-laws dad with my little granddaughter! They were talking about the new health care programs. Not my cup of tea!!
The kids have such a fun time all playing together! These are all mine but the one big older boy and the boy in the gray pants.
And then here is Toby again just waiting by the table for the food to come out! It was a nice day the weather was just right to be outside, not to hot!

Have a nice Day!



  1. I think it was a great and funny party. I think you have a lot of fun with your grandchildren.
    Greetings from Germany, Angelika

  2. What a great day and it looks like the family had a good time. I like the cake it dose look yummy. Take care

  3. Hi, Julie, thanks for the sweet note at Kim's! Nice to meet you too & I hope you'll visit me at MY blog too.

  4. And a great fun day was had by all, I am sure! :)