Friday, September 11, 2009

A New Chair for the Library

Yesterday hubby and I had the day off together so we decided to go to a movie, 500 Days! But before we wanted to hit one of our favorite antique shops. Its just down the street from the movie theater. We had been looking for a extra chair to go with both desks in the library. We need one so both of us could set and work together at the computer.
Will there it was just setting there waiting for us to come and pick her up. My only wish I had was that they would have had two. She was only $55.00 which I thought wasn't bad, we had looked at a chair at Ikea for $25.00 and it didn't match the desks. So we are pretty happy to have found her!
I also was able to get my Summer Quilt Swap quilt mailed off to Germany yesterday! So we will see how she likes it in a few days! Will I'm off now to work on a bag for the Bag Swap and then it will be time to go with my daughter and grandsons to find there Halloween costumes. It should be a fun day, I love Halloween! I really need to find me one, I would love to be Lucy from I love Lucy!!!

Have a wonderful Day!


  1. I love old wooden chairs and yours is a great one. Looks so comfortable and the rich wood matches the rest of the furniture you have pictured. Good buy!!

  2. That is an absolutely beautiful chair! I think it would be fun to do Lucy for Halloween. The makeup alone would be a hoot!