Tuesday, May 25, 2010

On the Search for Bird Houses

My hubby and I love watching birds and enjoy feeding them so I have been watching for some nice bird houses to place around our yard. I came across these three at 20% off.
We got snow yesterday can you believe it and boy is it cold but they say it going to get up close to 70 today. Hope its warm where you are!


  1. What a cute selection! No snow here, rain instead and not very warm either. We're all wondering where's the spring?

  2. Yes, here it is warm - we have 24degree Celsius and we enjoy the sunlight. I love birdhouses, the wooden house in the middle is my favorite, but I think the red and the yellow one are also pretty living rooms for the birds.
    Greetings from Summer-Germany, Angelika

  3. We love watching the birds in our yard too. You found a good selection of birdhouses to use!


  4. It's horridly hot and humid here! I took my bird feeders down this morning. I just hate to do it, but the rats are taking over the back yard. And I couldn't figure out what else to do.

  5. Hi Julie! Thanks for stopping by the farm and saying hello and giving me your thoughts. I love your birdhouses...we love to feed the birds too and I have some birdhouses but most of them are still stored in the shop since the move nearly a year ago!I guess I need to get those out and up before winter hits again. You say you got snow...oh dear I'm not going to complain about our hot humid weather then. I hope you get the warm weather they're predicting...have a wonderful Wednesday! Take care.....Maura:)

  6. What great finds. I need to start looking for some as well, though I think we might have missed at least one round of eggs!

  7. Love these cute bird homes you found...I agree..I love watching the birds...have fun. xoxo

  8. Very cute birdhouses!! I hope you have better luck with yours than we do with ours. Even though we have birds nesting in our yard, they don't like our houses. (I think they're the wrong type of house positioned wrong to boot.)

    We're having a perfect summer weekend the 70's, sunny, not too humid. Excellent porch-sitting weather!!

    Hope your weather improves!! Snow in May is just wrong!