Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Colorado We Went!

We just got back from a long weekend in Colorado where my daughter graduated from Colorado State with her masters! It was so fun the whole family went with the exception of our oldest son's family.
My older daughter is really into making cupcakes and she made these cute graduation caps for dessert, CSU's colors are green and yellow!

While we were there we went to some pretty fun places. One was a metal museum of all sorts of animals and crazy things. Here is my grandson with a stick killing the two headed dragon.

We also went to a Butterfly museum and it was so neat. They had Butterflies from all over the world.

This was one of my favorites and I'm thinking I just may need to paint it!
Its raining like mad here today but I hope its warm where you are!


  1. What fun...congratulations to your daughter...the sweet cupcakes are adorable! Hugs for a great great day. xoxo

  2. I just lost my comment.. errrr.

    Congratulations to your daughter!
    Gorgeous cupcakes. They look yummy

  3. Congratulaions to your daughter! The metal museum sounds like a fun place!


  4. Congrats to your daughter! I love that metal sculpture, I want one!
    Looks like a fantastic weekend all around complete with cupcakes. :)

  5. Hi Julie, Congratulations to your daughter..that's quite the achievement! Looks like you had a nice weekend with most of your family and did some fun things while you were in Colorado. Have a wonderful week....Maura:)

  6. Congratulations to your daughter. I sure do like the metal sculpture!!!!