Friday, May 28, 2010

Have you ever heard of Kindergarten Graduation

Will we hadn't tell our little granddaughter let us know that she was graduating from kindergarten and that we need to be there!
It was so fun to see how excited she is about moving on to first grade. She's the cute little blond in the middle!

I wanted to do something fun for her and she loves to write her own stories and you wouldn't believe how well she can read. So I found a really nice note book and covered the front and back with scrap book paper, used the little girl stamp that I had and add all the ribbons and there you have a great gift!
We have another one to go to next month for a grandson, what to make for him!!!


  1. Very cute pictures. I'm glad I happened into your blog. Congrats to the Grad!

    Oh, have you ever heard of graduation from Doggie Kindergarten? We've had that, too. :) It's really cute when they each get a treat and a toy.


  2. oh yeah.. kindergarten graduations are a big deal! We had two graduates and had a weee little party for both.
    Wishing you a wonderful summer Julie!!

  3. I haven't but looks like everyone is having a grand time. Great scrapbook!

  4. Oh yessssss and we had a preschool graduation. The director teachers a group of kids she calls the Time to grow group. They are 4 and 5 but not old enough for kindergarten. She has a graduation for that group every year. They even wore cap and gowns. I swear to you. And she wore a black cap and gown while doing the ceremony. What next huh??
    Love that little book you made. It is adorable!!

  5. She is very sweet. It is such a fun age.