Wednesday, June 9, 2010

New Red Chairs

The snow has finally stopped and it has warmed up and now there is flooding! We had this same problem back in 1983 when they had to make one of our main roads a river to direct the water away from homes. We live in such a crazy area but I'm so happy to have warm whether. I was able to paint my bakers rack and unwrap the new red chairs for the front porch.
I'm thinking a outdoor rug would be nice and I think Paisley would enjoy one! It would just make it seem cozy and warm.

I still need to find some more fun things to put on the rack but I think it looks pretty good so far.

The front of the house is coming along nicely I have the two beds filled with flowers now if hubby could just get the rest of the yard done! He is working very hard at doing that and it should be ready for grass next week, I hope!
I hope you are having nice whether and getting allot of yard work done!


  1. Everything looks good. You just have to love Utah from cold to hot in one day!

  2. julie it looks a great spot for you to sit and watch the world go by and paisley has a great view from an elevated area. the red chairs look good, but then anything red is cheerful.

  3. Oh I adore those red chairs....lately red has been my colour! Wishing you lots of lovely sunshine!

  4. Glad that the snow finally stopped! Weird how you've had a long cold spring, and we had a short, warm one. (I'm OK with our weather this year....finally makes me happy to be in NH in springtime!)

    Your red chairs look fantastic on the porch!! I'm sure the baker's rack will collect plenty of goodies. Any houseplants that want to take a summer vacation outside? (Not sure if that works where you live actually, but my houseplants love living on our porch for the summer.)

    Every dog needs a rug, if not a dog bed, on the porch! (At least that's what our dog, Bailey, says!)


  5. Your new chairs look like they absolutely belong, right there with the adorable little dog. The flowers are looking great too.

  6. Oh beautiful new chairs and they look so comfy! Love the red flowers on the door too. Paisley deserves a nice dapper dog bed or blanket outside. After all, they do take time to smell the roses along with a whole lot of other stuff so a place to rest nose and paws is a must my pack says.