Friday, September 2, 2011

My Garden!

My garden has done so well this year! I think I planted about everything you can think of and more!

And my herbs growing on the wall have never looked so beautiful along with my flowers!

The long side of our lot is now fenced and hubby is working on the other side and he is already up to the garden so I'm hopeful that it will be done by next week! Lots of canning going on with pictures to come!



  1. I can't get over how great that looks!!! Gorgeous.

  2. What a wonderful garden! I'll bet you're enjoying the results.

  3. Wow, that's impressive. I hope you get lots of goodies from that garden. Mine did not fare very well this year. Even the tomatoes were not good. About the only thing that grew well were the zucchini and cucumbers and cabbage. I guess we best be thankful for what we get. It was better than nothing at all, and we've enjoyed several tasty meals from what we had. :)

    Happy canning to you!

  4. It is lovely my friend...I love the way my garden is growing this year too...can't wait for next years to plant Spring bulbs very soon. xoxoxo

  5. Julie, it's beautiful! Oh, you should be so proud. You did good. What a joy to behold.