Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Biscuits and Jam!

I was watching Martha a couple of weeks ago, yes I do watch Martha on those days that I'm home and have the time! Anyway she had Rachel Saunders on that wrote this book Blue Chair Jam and I love to make jam. So I ordered the book on Amazon and boy to my surprise the book is about three inches thick and has great recipes for all year long. And now I've been planning all the fruits that I could plant this spring just for making jam.
So what better to put jam on, yes Biscuits! I've never made very good biscuits but I saw on Amazon this book Biscuit Bliss and it had such good reviews that I bought it and a set of biscuit cutters. Let me tell you this is the best book, I made biscuits the other morning and they turned out so yummy! Yes I forgot to take pictures but I will be making more tomorrow so I will remember to take picture this time.
Have a Happy Ground Hogs Day! You know his says we are going to have a early spring and boy with the temps below 0 today I'm so ready!


  1. the books look very good, but very fattening!
    love your scarf and the makeover in the craft room is very smart. well done to you julie, keeping very busy!

  2. a combination made in heaven. Good hot biscuits are winner with honey too. Thanks for showcasing those two yummy books!

  3. Oh, please take pictures. I've never been able to make buscuits and its the one thing I've always wanted to make.

    P.S. I watch Martha to when I have the time. She's got some great things on her show.

  4. Oh Julie those books look wonderful! I used to make great biscuits before I moved here to Kansas from British Columbia..had the same recipe for years and they always turned out light and fluffy. Since moving here that same recipe doesn't turn out the same biscuits...they just don't rise like they used to. I think I'm going to have to try more baking powder and see if that makes a difference. Both those books sound very interesting so I may just have to look them up myself. Thanks for bringing them to our attention and happy biscuit making!
    Maura :)

  5. These are amazing books...I will be looking for them both. Thanks.xoxoxo