Monday, August 2, 2010

What A Sad Face!

Look at this sad face she was attacked by a dog while hubby was out walking her a few days ago.
She was a very lucky puppy that she only needed two staples in her back. But what I couldn't believe is that the people that owned the dog that attacked her was mad that we thought they should pay the vet bill and they didn't even say that they were sorry that there dog would do such a thing!

And then on top of that I went out yesterday and my flag that hangs on my house was gone, yes someone walked up my mile long driveway and up the stairs to the porch and took it!
And on top of all that we have been invaded by these ugly bugs and when I mean invaded they took over my back yard and my patio. There was millions of them all over my house you couldn't go outside because there was no where to walk. I had to drive Paisley down to my daughters house to go on her grass. She still had the bugs at her house but not as bad. We even made the news and neighbors that have lived out there for over ten years said they had never seen anything like it before. Hubby sprayed three times and they are still there but bigger. But now the birds have come and they are eating what is still alive so I don't think we will need to spray again!
I sure hope things are better at your house!


  1. Ohhhh poor baby, I can't believe your dog was attacked. My SIL had to stop putting things on her porch because everything would be taken in a matter of days. I live in the bug capital of the country hate those things, but the bullfrogs always have a feast.

  2. Good Grief people just amaze me. Hopefully you turned the dog owners in. Wishing your puppy a quick recovery.

  3. The poor dog, I suffer with him.
    And I hope you'll be rid soon insects-plague and hope you have enough hungry birds. Greetings and hugs, Angelika

  4. It's like the plague out there....bugs, thieves, and biting dogs. Hope August gets better for you, and quick!

    Bailey got attacked once by a psycho Jack Russell Terrier. I didn't realize til we'd returned home that that dog broke Bailey's skin. Later that dog had to be put down because it actually attacked and killed another neighbor's dog. So sad for everyone involved.

    It took Bailey years to get over his fear of walking past that house....some of those years were after that dog had been gone.

    Hope your pup recovers quickly!! Poor pup!!


  5. I feel so sorry for your poor little pup!!!! Do you have leash laws? Our county does and if that would have happened here not only would the owners be paying the vet bill but also a nice big fine.

    Aren't we all amazed at what people what people will take. I know I am.

    We've had those bugs to but I don't they what they are. Seemed harmless but one heck of nuisance.

  6. How awful that your sweet puppy was attacked by another dog, and the owners would not take responsibility!

    I hope she heals quickly.

  7. Yay, I can post a comment! Blogger wouldn't let me yesterday. :(

    Poor puppy. I hope healing comes quickly. And how disheartening about your flag. Bugs of course are a part of life, unfortunately. I just hope they aren't immune to your spray!

  8. The gall of some people, that they do not apologize for your dog being injured is deplorable. To not pay the Vet bill is just ignorant. I hope you reported the incident. People like that don't deserve to own a pet in the first place.