Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Shawl Done!

I'm so happy I finished my shawl and its on the blocking board drying!
New yarn from Jimmy Bean Wool for a new sweater! Isn't the color great its called Robins egg blue.
With the pumpkin quilt done and at the quilters its time to think of a new one. Over the years I have purchased so much fabric and several kits. This one is a Christmas quilt with stars and angels.

Here is the picture from the book, it looks like it should be a fun one to put together. I'm going to try and have it done before December, wish me luck!
Oh by the way Paisley is doing will and the bugs are almost gone, haven't seen my flag around but getting an alarm system put in today!
Happy Days!


  1. You are very creative! Love the shawl and the new wool! Can't wait to see your quilts.

  2. Hi Julie! Oh what a beautiful shawl...I love the pattern and color. You'll have to take a picture of you wearing it when the weather cools off that is. I'm in awe of your quilting skills and the fact that you just finished one and you're starting another! I'd like to start with something small...I haven't sewn much but I would like to learn to make a quilt pillow cover or something small like that one day. I'm glad your baby is doing better and those creepy bugs are move to get an alarm. You'll feel a lot safer now...I think it's that feeling that a stranger was that close to your house that's so unnerving.'ll sleep easier tonight. Enjoy your day...Maura :)

  3. The shawl looks great! Congrats on a wonderful finished project!

    Love your next yarn color. That is gorgeous! (And I'd look great in it.....not that I'm hinting around for the gift of a sweater!!)

    The quilt looks like fun! I just won a giveaway on LAM's blog of a quilting book, so maybe all of you quilters will inspire me to do a bit of quilting!


  4. Hi Julie, thanks so much for comments on my blog, thanks for reading, I realy appreciate it! Your new yarn and the fabrics look great, have fun with your new projects.
    I know that you asked me for the pattern for the "monsterbukse" on my blog. I found it online, I think you can find the English version by google "Crankypants"..

  5. Good luck sweet one...I know you can do it. I love it. xoxoxo