Saturday, December 12, 2009

And the snow just keeps coming!

These are pictures of last Tuesday when most of Utah got dumped on! Hubby decided to make it a Papa and monkey day. So he went down the street to get our little grandson to make a snowman but all monkey wanted to do was shovel driveways and sidewalks.
So after shoveling all the neighbors they came back here to finish off ours and play the Wii tell it was time for us to leave for my work Christmas Party.
I've added a little Christmas to the front door and hubby did get the lights up before the snow came. One of the things I need to work on is getting more decor for the outside! This cute angel came from a good friend years ago so I just added it to a wreath that I found downstairs on the shelf and you can't go wrong with adding a bow!
I love how my mantle has turned out with just a few of my many snowmen!
With a few wooden trees and a couple of little matchbox music boxes!
With some garland hanging and more of those bows and our stockings that I made out of fleece with a black velvet tops several years ago. I do have some knitting patterns that I purchased after Christmas last year that I was going to knit for this year but I just got to busy putting quilts together so maybe next year!
And here it is all Christmas like with the fire going and yes there's Paisley right where she always is keeping warm!

Merry Christmas!



  1. Paisley has the best seat in the house! I can't believe your grandson would rather shovel snow!

  2. it all looks very cosy inside and very welcoming! love your mantelpiece with all the christmas decorations and with the snow outside it is a 'picture postcard' scene.

  3. Oh my. You get snow, we get rain. Love your Christmas decorations!

  4. It's dogs right to get the best place in the house! Westie?
    Oh my you put my feeble decorating efforts to shame. Your house looks lovely and welcoming.

  5. the fireplace looks beautiful.