Monday, June 3, 2013

Garden Decor

I love garden decor but most of all I love making garden decor out of stuff that is just taking up room in the garage. Will the chair wasn't but the table was, I found the chair in a second hand store for $8.00.

 The legs were a little close together so I couldn't cut the hole in the seat as large as I wanted, so you must think about that when you purchase one.  Then I put some chicken wire and a coconut plant thing in on top of the chicken wire to hold the dirt.
I painted the table orange and the chair red and teal. Then I Mod Podge the table with the seed packets that I used in my garden and flower beds. I love this so much that I'm going to be saving all my seed packets to do a potting bench for my greenhouse.
I still need to spray the table with a clear polyurethane. But I love how it turned out and its going to look so good between the rocking chairs on my front porch.

And my chair planter looks great in the garden next to my Father-n-laws wheel barrel and my cute polka dot boot planters. Now all I need is a garden scarecrow. I think that will be the next thing I work on.



  1. Hi Julie, I was delighted to hear from you and know how busy life can become. I am so sorry about Paisley! I know that was a heartbreak. The table, chair, and boots turned our real cute. You have a talent girl!

  2. I love that table. I might just have to start purchase some of my seeds from a different company so that I can try that as well. The company I normally order from has all their seeds in very similar, functional packets.

  3. Love these projects Julie, what a fantastic idea to use the seed packets, so bright and pretty...
    It's lovely to see you back blogging again. I am so sorry to hear about your Paisley, she sounds like the most treasured friend you could find.
    Hugs, Nicky x

  4. What great ideas! I want a pair of boots too. Where did you get them?

  5. Oh my gosh Julie... these are too cute! I love how you made them over!!!

  6. I love what you did with that table. LOVE!