Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spinning Guild

This Wednesday is our dye exchange at spinning guild, the color is orange. I had never dyed before so this was a first. I couldn't do just orange so I added yellow and brown. It was one of the funnest things I have ever done. And now I think I just can't stop! I order more fiber and dye and can't wait to dye more!
I had to divide them into 1oz pieces and tag with my name the fiber and how I dyed it.
So I'm ready and can't wait tell Wednesday night!



  1. Oh Julie. Dyeing is so addictive. I'm not a real fan of orange, but I love your rovings!

  2. What a brilliant idea for a fun exchange. Everyone would enjoy that! I love the orange. I agree that a range of similar colours adds depth and excitement to a colour.

  3. Hi my has been a while since I popped in to say has been just crazy busy here.
    Oh how yummy is this colour! I have been drawn to Orange lately...such a happy colour!
    Hugs to you. xoxo

  4. I am a fan of orange. As much as I like spring your colors remind me of fall which is such a beautiful time of the year. Have fun Wednesday night.

  5. You did such a beautiful job, and I loved your tags! Have fun with dyeing more, it is addictive. Maureen