Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Red Scarf

For Christmas I gave my daughters and daughter-n-laws yarn, needles and notions plus a pattern and knitting lessons. This was the yarn that I gave my oldest daughter but I also purchased some in a pink and green that she liked better. So I took this yarn and made me a scarf!
Here's a up close look, I really like how it turned out! The yarn and pattern came from Knit Picks!
Hope your having a nice spring day we got a foot of snow in Salt Lake!


  1. I am so ready for spring but I really should know that snow comes in spring and sometimes summer.

  2. Oh pretty scarf! How are they doing with theirs?

  3. It's not spring here yet.. ice pellets and bitter winds today. The scarf is a very pretty red!

  4. I love the details. You are the bomb Julie!!!!

  5. Lovely red. Does it match the photo in real life? I love how you treated the fringe!