Monday, January 17, 2011

Melt Down!

Finally the temps have gotten above freezing and we are starting to have a melt down! Its been raining since yesterday but they say more snow is on its way. Can you see all the deer tracks they have been coming down and eating whats left of my herbs.
Just thought I would show you the cute salt and pepper shakers that my daughter gave my for Christmas. Don't they look cute with my dishes!

I spent Friday baking bread with my other daughter. Nothing like hot bread with butter and honey!
Hope you have a nice week!


  1. oh I love dots!!! Especially red/white ones...our snow is long gone too. xoxoxo Monday hugs

  2. I love the little scottie salt and peppers almost as much as I love those red polka dot dishes! Adorable:>)

  3. Oh Julie, the red and white polka dots are adorable.
    We haven't gotten much snow here in Maryland Yet. ; (
    I love baking bread.. haven't made any in a while though.

  4. Hi Julie!
    I LOVE your dishes and your new salt and pepper cute! I have the same glasses only mine are white dots :) I would have thought you'd have more snow in Utah but I guess it's different all over the State. Our snow started melting yesterday..we only got our first snow last week but now they say we're to get a bit more today and tomorrow...we'll see. Deer are lovely to look at but they can sure do damage to your gardens can't they...oh well. Thanks for stopping by this morning OH...where abouts was Laura Ingalls home in Missouri? I bet it was a beautiful trip up there and back over to Memphis...lots of trees (which I miss). Enjoy your day! Maura :)