Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Life without a Computer!

Yes the computer is having big problems which makes it a problem to get any blogging done. But then there's not much to talked about right now anyway! I did think you might like to see some pretty little Blackeyed Susan's which I love. I planted them last year but they just didn't do very well but I have learned that out here where I live the second year is much better.
Remember the shawl that I was working on and then I thought the cable just might be wrong, will it was and I was able to get the correction. Then after taking it all apart and starting over I am now about half way done and hoping to finish it in the next two weeks. I did say hoping to finish!

The cable looks so much better and believe it or not it is much easier to knit!

Daughter and I cut out two aprons out of left over fabric from quilting and we have a date to sew them together on Friday!
Hope your computer is running good!


  1. Oh I love cables that looks like a really interesting pattern.

  2. Hi Julie, thanks for comment on my blog! The pants are called "Monsterbukse" in Norwegian and I found the pattern when I googled the word. I just realized that the similar in English is "Crankypants" try to google and see what you find! Have a nice afternoon! I love your cable shawl!

  3. my computer has been acting crazy also.. ERrrrrrrrrr. I love the shaw.. your work is amazing!!!

  4. I hate computer problems. Computers make me crazy anyway.
    Love your flowers. There so pretty. And that shall....beautiful. WOW.

  5. That cable looks incredible! Beautifully done. I love your black eyed susans. Mine are finally blooming too!

  6. Good Morning Julie! Who'd have thought we'd be so dependant on computers...I think they rule our lives or at least mine seems to rule me. I love your's both the cable and what ever the rest of it is ..seed stitch? I've knitted a few things...nothing complicated although I did knit a sweater, mitts and toque (Canadian for knit hat) for my youngest daughter years ago. I'm sure I've forgotten everything I learned at the time as it's been so long. I've been thinking a lot about knitting lately and I think this fall I'll start up again. I think reading your blog will help inspire me! Have a wonderful day...Maura :)