Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I took a break!

I'm sorry but I think I needed a break from blogging to get things done and rest! But I'm back and I thought that I would tell you about my birthday. I was at the end of March and these lovely garden boots were given by my Hubby. He also gave me oil paints and signed us up for a class together. We started yesterday and boy was it fun!
My six year old grandson's birthday comes just two days after mine so we decided to have a party together at a place call "Blouncing off the Walls". We invited our family and my daughter-n-laws family and there neighbors.

As you can see there was allot of people mostly ones under the age of twelve!

This is my son coming down the slide and yes I did go down it three times with my seventeen year old granddaughter!
Have a wonderful spring day!


  1. Looks like fun! Happy Belated Birthday~

  2. I LOVE those boots... awesome birthday pressie..

  3. Great reading your blog and I love that Boots. Nice to meet you. Mika (

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! We all need to take a break from different parts of our life sometimes! I love the garden boots. May spring really arrive!

  5. Happy Birthday julie!!! I love the painting class idea, i bet it was fun! The boots are ADORABLE!

  6. PINK BOOTS oh how cute are they, Happy belated Birthday looks like you have had some fun
    Hugs Bec

  7. Happy Birthday, I wish you all the best, especially health. Greetings, Angelika
    PS: the pink boots are gradios !

  8. I adore those sweet boots...happy belated Birthday!!!! Glad you are back.

    Just wanted to thank you so much for your caring comment you left on my blog the other day concerning my daughter's migraines...yes we have been to the Dr. many times but we are heading back with lots more questions. Hugs for a great Friday. xo

  9. One thing is certain. Your hubby will never lose you in the garden. Your boots will announce where you are quite well. LOL That was very thoughtful of him. I need to get a pair of those for myself. I keep planning to, but never get around to doing it. :)

  10. Happy Birthday! Another March baby like me!

    That looks like a fun fun birthday! I would have been up and down that slide to. Those are really cute boots!