Wednesday, November 18, 2009

From Old to New

We've had this chair for sixteen years it was in our second home three homes back and I always loved the chair but the fabric didn't go with this house. So off to have it recovered!
And here she is all fun fabrics with a little rooster added! I also had it piped in the same fabric as my curtains.
I also had this lamp just setting down stairs in our storage room and so I got it out and covered the lamp shade to match my new chair. I think it turned out so cute and the tussles have a little bead just above them. Is tussles the right word for them???
And here we are setting next to the warm fireplace! I think this will be such a nice place to set and knit!
I also had a cushion made out of some of the same fabric as the cushion on the chair to go on my window seat in the kitchen.
I had it piped in a red and gold checked fabric that my curtains in the great room are made of and now I will make a few pillows out of it to match the window seat! And I'm going on ebay to look for a few rooster pillows, wish me luck!

Have a wonderful day!



  1. I love the colors you used for the chair, very playful with the roosters.

  2. Now it is a wunderfull chair and it was a great idea to use the same fabric for the lamp and the kitchenseat. Have a nice time nearby the fireplace. Greetings, Angelika

  3. So cute I love the roosters and the lamp looks the part. Your house is lookig amazing .
    Hugs bec

  4. Very fun and it looks like a wonderfully comfy chair.

  5. Hi Julie, I just LOVE chairs recovered in a mix of fabrics like this! And I love the colors and the rooster motif, that would look great in my house;>)

  6. That chair is adorable! So nice to think of you sitting there working away with your hands.

  7. looks very homely and bright! i also love mixing fabrics for upholstery! i think the word is 'tassels' for the trim on the lamp.
    hope you are feeling a bit better! liz from broderie.

  8. It's just beautiful! I love that mix of fabrics - very French Country!


  9. My cats would love to come over and play with those tassles! I think that would be the end of the lamp however, so we'd better skip that!

  10. What a wonderful use of coordinating fabrics. Very welcoming and homey.